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Matrix XD: Rp 1.1 Billion Personalized Registrations Vehicle

It seems very fond of British people have a license plate that reflects the limited or private owners. They are even willing to spend enough to have the license plate "person" is. UK Department of Transportation Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Personalized Registrations (Personal Number Plates Regestrasi) successful sales record in the auction that they held. quoted as saying recently, the police numbered car plates "1OOO" successful dilego price of £ 80,000 or approximately Rp 1.1 billion.

Auction action takes place in a hotel in Wansford, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. In fact, for these plates, place the action bargaining strict bid about 10 times before reaching the highest bidder.

"Opening the early years, there's nothing better than this. Our expectation is so great against the license plate '1 OOO '. During the years ahead, we will see the plate with the letter' O 'roaming the streets," said Damian Lawson, Marketing Personalized DVLA Registrations Manager.

In the second position, the unique plate reached a high enough number is "1 LFD". This plate successfully sold with a value of 20,000 pounds (USD 298 million).

DVLA Registrations Personalized party will return to auction plate for the second time in the middle of this year at Old Trafford, the football team's headquarters Manchester United on March 24. A total of 2000 unique police numbers will be offered.


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