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Matrix XD: New debutants, 8 Core Processors IBM Power7

New debutants, 8 Core Processors IBM Power7IBM's processor more fastly with the presence of new, eight-core processor (core) IBM Power7, Monday (8/2/2010) which will compare with products made by Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems. In fact, each core is capable of executing four activities - commonly called thread - so this really one processor has 32 virtual cores.

Breakthrough made money in the Power 7 is a combination of two IBM processor technology, the chip technology "Power" with a chip technology "Cell". Cell-based processor has been also used in various devices from the Roadrunner supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory to the PlayStation 3.

"We took the essence of Cell program that helps the process of calculations (floating point) and put it in the core Power7," said Bradley McCredie, members of the Systems and Technology Group of IBM, as quoted by CNET.

Power7 designed to support the development of grid computing, computer circuit to double the speed of computing processes. This processor is offered in three classes each for the IBM Power 780 modular high-performance servers that support up to 64 cores, 770 Power for the middle class, and Power 755 for high performance computer clusters or high performance computing cluster (HPCC) with 32 cores.


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