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Matrix XD: Google Improve The Automatic Voice Translator

Google Improve The Automatic Voice TranslatorIt would be fun if everyone could call each other without language barriers. Dream realized this is what Google's trying to develop automated voice translator that will translate one language to another.

"We thought the translator's voice and the voice may be realized in a few years," said Franz OCH, head of Google translator service as reported by Times Online. He believes the voice to voice translator may be done if the accuracy of voice recognition engines and improved language translator again. He said Google was doing research to make it happen in the next few years.

Google currently has a translator service for 52 languages in the world with all database that always be added the accuracy of it. In addition, Google also has a voice recognition engine currently used in the search service applications on smartphones.

The system was developed to combine the two technologies and using Google's current database indexing languages from various sites around the world. However, recognition is not easy to make translation machine because each speaker's voice had a dialect, accent, and how to talk different.

"However, such recognition engine will be effective for use in mobile phones are very personal experience for the user. The phone will recognize speech from sound recordings before," said OCH.

Machines like this is not the first there. Apple has released the first voice translator application on the iPhone by name even though the current Jibbigo is available for translators English into Spanish and English to Japanese. With funding support from the U.S. Defense Agency through the project by DARPA, would artificial engine Google will be more qualified?


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Created on Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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