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Matrix XD: Cisco Space Router Was Orbited

Cisco Space Router Was OrbitedTechnology Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) from Cisco not only successfully launched a satellite Intelsat IS-14 on November 23, 2009, but also succeeded in orbiting the well and used in space in order to test the network capabilities. This achievement is the use of the router's Internet Protocol (IP) in the commercial GEO satellite for the first time.

"This achievement is the next step of our strategy to expand the network without boundaries in space and re mendefiniskan how to support the communication satellite," said Steven Boutelle, Vice President, Cisco Global Government Solutions Group in a press release received

IRIS is an IP router development of radiation-resistant for use in satellites and other spacecraft. IRIS offers several advantages compared with conventional satellite technology. IRIS can deliver data to more than one recipient directly, without passing through several hops teleport so as to eliminate delays in data transmission and increasing the use of transponders. Software embedded on the Cisco router and a modem board can be upgraded while in orbit, thus increasing the flexibility and speed return on investment.

By leveraging the IRIS capability, users will gain a real mobile network. IRIS carried capability will support network services for voice communications, video, and data, while also helping government agencies, military and other stakeholders to communicate with one another using Internet protocol and existing devices.

IRIS program is part of the Department of Defense Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) which is managed by Cisco and Intelsat General Corp.. IRIS will begin commercially offered after three months of the end JCTD in April 2010.


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