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Matrix XD: Zune phone information leak in Microsoft

Zune phone information leak in MicrosoftMicrosoft allegedly is preparing new ammunition for attacking the smartphone market by developing the Zune based phone, music player made by Microsoft. If true, whether the iPhone could be as successful as that set out from the iPod? The information that Microsoft is developing an iPhone from the Zune leak in a file that is an information reference the identity of the hardware in the package is the latest USB driver for the Zune. Among the hardware listed in the updated software package version is called a reference device with the Zune phone.

This is a concern Long Zheng, pengemat Microsoft technologies in his blog. Zheng says that device must be made by Microsoft because the vendor rules that work together to change the reference identity is prohibited device.

However, if Microsoft is currently developing a new smartphone still has not been established. So far, Microsoft is spreading desigin reference to the hardware vendors to develop
a new generation Windows Mobile device. Microsoft also is doing the standardization of experience using the device in various hardware models through the code Pink improvement, Skybox, and SkyMart.

No explanation from Microsoft about the leaking of such information. However, sooner or later, Microsoft may still retain business smartphone user market share given the greater.


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Created on Thursday, January 28, 2010


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