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Matrix XD: US Dollar was Pushed in Asia

US Dollar was Pushed in AsiaU.S. dollar in Asian markets, Tuesday (12/1/2010), weakened. This makes the market was disappointed that the data unexpectedly weak U.S. employment. U.S. dollar falls to 91.85 yen in Tokyo on Tuesday morning than in New York on Monday to reach 92.13, when the current Tokyo financial markets were closed.

Euro dropped to 1.4488 dollars from 1.4514 and to 133.14 yen from 133.71.

Market participants were disappointed with the action of labor reports that weakened the U.S. after a long vacation in Tokyo, said the Chief Manager Financial Markets Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corp., Hideaki Inoue

Meanwhile, new Japanese Finance Minister, Naoto Kan, said last week, the weakening yen will promote Japanese exports for improving because the government would intervene to sell the currency.

Investors also are monitoring the U.S. corporate reporting on the U.S. economic health is the greatest country in the world. "We were watching reports on the U.S. corporate earnings in the fourth quarter of 2009," he said.


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