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Matrix XD: Somalian Rebels and Militia Clash, 13 Killed

Somalian Rebels and Militia Clash, 13 KilledMogadishu, - Fighting between rebels Somalia, Hizbul Islam, with pro-government militia continues, Monday (1/11/2010), after clashes in downtown Baladwayne, Sunday, which killed at least 13 people. Hizbul Islam and rival rebel group, Al Shabaabingin, attempt to apply strict sharia law in all of Africa's horn region. Somalia central government functions was not running since 1991. Transitional government controls only a few areas in the city of Mogadishu, the rest occupied and Hizbul Shabaab al-Islam.

Al-Shabaab, by Washington, is seen as a stooge of Al Qaeda in the region and the Hizbul Islam is attacked each other for control of the country.

A peace organization, Elman, and human rights groups (Human Rights) said at least 13 people were killed and 18 others wounded Sunday in a battle between Islam and the Hizbul militants. "The death rate could be higher. The two groups brought their victims. We do not know how many died," said Yasin Ali Gedi, deputy head of Elman, told Reuters.

Locals said the fighting continued in Baladwayne, Monday. "Both groups were using machine guns on the streets," said one resident.

The battle killed at least 19,000 Somalis and forced 1.5 million people fled from their homes since the beginning of 2007. The West says, Somalia has become a shelter militants.

On Sunday, a pro-government militia others, Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca, execute an al Shabaab commander after he refused to leave the wing ideological hardliners.


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