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Matrix XD: National Car Gea Apply EFI Technology

National Car Gea Apply EFI TechnologyNational car production PT Inka, Gea, continue to experience development, especially the technology aspect. To pursue gas emission levels of minimum Euro2 in Indonesia, Gea will employ advanced electronic fuel injection or EFI start in this mid year. Coordinator of the National Strategic Competitive Research (Rusnas) Engine Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Nyoman Honest, explains, current local production machines used Gea still use carburetors. Research process are now being made to use the EFI system on the machine.

"My goal this year is to be applied. This Mid Year. It is still in its EFI mapping. If it's installed, is easy to reach Euro2," said Nyoman to, recently.

He explained, machines used Gea capacity with 500 cc two-cylinder BPPT development results, and have local content to 98 percent. In addition, the engine has undergone test of endurance and can operate for 100 hours non-stop.

Currently, BPPT is conducting further research to produce the vehicle body with an independent engineering industry. Production experiment (trial production) will begin to be done in 2011.

"If last year was shown Gea from Inca, now would we develop themselves. Still in testing, the same engine," said Nyoman. He hopes the government can support the national car production for more reality, not just an appeal.

Meanwhile, in addition to the national car, the engine output BPPT can also be modified to a silent generator (silent electric generators). Currently BPPT has produced as many as 15 machines as early prototypes.


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