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Matrix XD: Harley Davidson 2020

Harley Davidson 2020The name of Harley-Davidson, what occurred to you? Large motor, fine, vintage, and the expensive price. Your perception is probably not wrong, but not entirely true if you look at the latest product designers work of Miguel Cotto. Without the impression that as long chains attached to brand the United States motor home is, Cotto tried to express themselves. The result, a motor Harley-Davidson concept next decade (2020), as quoted (9/1/2010).

Judging from their physical appearance, the motor was the creation of the concept Miguel minimalist. Characteristic of HD such as machine "fat" v-twin air-conditioned and disappeared. This motor racing brought kitchen style capacity 883 cc Sportster. One of the striking, the selection of alloy wheels without Tromol center.

Brick red color of the selected designers to flushed the entire "body" to support the impression futuristic motorcycle. But, the problem correctly or not the manufacturer Harley-Davidson motorcycles will produce this, yes there is no certainty.

With this design, can-can all lovers of Harley-Davidson left the bike and slid into another product with a more subtle characteristics. In addition, Cotto also need to change the emblem of the new products created by Honda writing than Harley-Davidson.


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Created on Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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