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Matrix XD: For Nexus One, SDK Androids 2.1 has Isuued

For Nexus One, SDK Androids 2.1 has IsuuedLess than a week after launching Nexus One, Google released a software development kit (SDK) Android 2.1. Nexus One is Google's first mobile phone design itself and the first devices using the Android operating system 2.1. As written in the Android Developers Blog, Google's development team is intentionally released SDK Android as early as possible prior to 2.1 used a lot of devices on the market. Thus, application developers can be tampered with to create a variety of applications that support.

Although Google calls Android 2.1 release only minor and not too different from 2.0, many additional features offered. Voice recognition, among others, live wallpaper, a new launcher, more home screen, and changes in WebKit. Its loading speed is also much faster than 2.0.

If it's new Nexus One, other devices made by different vendors have warned using the latest version of the platform is based on open source. Motorola Droid is now using 2.0 also can use it immediately.

In addition to Android SDK 2.1, Google also announced the availability manager that supports USB Nexus One. This facility can be used later to facilitate communication with other devices and accessories such as docking station or PC.


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Created on Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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