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Matrix XD: E-Ink: E-reader must be More Behavior Than iPad

E-Ink: E-reader must be More Behavior Than iPadLaunch of Apple iPad predicted to rival the sales of equipment e-book reader (e-reader) which was introduced Sony, Amazon, and other vendors. However, Russ Wilcox, President and CEO of E-Ink, supplier of special screen for the e-reader manufacturers boast not afraid of losing competitive.

"E-reader would be more than iPad behavior for simple economic reasons in the consumer device market," said Wilcox, in an interview that the site was launched Forbes, Thursday (28/1/2010). He believes that potential customers already have a lot of laptops that no longer need iPad is referred to as a multimedia entertainment device.

According to him, iPad is not the
reliable e-book. The reason, the weight is three times more than e-readers in general and 30 percent thicker. "You need two hands to carry. He uses a backlit screen and too expensive to be distributed to each person in the house," he said.

He agreed with the opinion that the iPad was not hard for competitors made the Amazon Kindle. Forbes launch, there were at least five reasons that iPad no better than the Kindle. First, the iPad cheapest price is 499 U.S. dollars, while U.S. dollars 259 for Kindle. Second, the iPad has not supported the world's largest publisher of Random House like the Kindle, so would many of the titles not available.

The third reason, iPad battery life is 10 hours, while the Kindle is a week. Fourth iPad use LCD screen which emits brighter light that make you tired faster than e-ink display is more gentle and keep the light seen outside the room. Fifth, the transition only iPad assessed to test the level of e-book preference given Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, once said that the e-reader will not sell because he thinks people no longer want to read.

"We are delighted Steve changed his opinion about whether the American people want to read. Every person who spent 10 hours reading on the LCD screen will be amazed when I saw the E-ink," said Wilcox.


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Created on Saturday, January 30, 2010


At February 2, 2010 at 12:05 AM, Anonymous Nintedo Wii said...

iPad is lot better than kindle. Can't wait to get it !

At February 6, 2010 at 11:17 AM, Blogger Sutrisno said...

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