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Matrix XD: Chasing away the mosquitoes with a natural way

Chasing away the mosquitoes with a natural wayMosquito spraying drugs made from chemical ingredients DEET is not good for the human body. Intent site mentions, some research indicates that the compound DEET (Diethyl-meta-toluamide) on drug-related spraying brain damage. Now, instead of using harmful substances in the home, better choose a natural, right?

Here are some natural substances are able to drive the mosquitoes naughty.

* Citronella. This is one of the most famous able to drive mosquitoes. To be applied, choose pure citronella essential oil, not oil air freshener (fragrance oil). Fragrance oil which is used to burn is not enough to rub and dispel the mosquitoes.

* Soybean oil. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that soybean oil is as effective as DEET mosquito repellent. Soybean oil prices were quite affordable, plus good for moisturizing the skin. Other research says that the content in soy can slow the growth of hair on the body when applied.

* Catnip. Some kind of fragrant plant called the effectiveness of catnip is suspected to have 10 times better than DEET in mosquito dispel.

* Neem seed oil, extracted from plants that grow in India reportedly more effective than DEET. This research was issued by the Institute of Malaria in India.

* Lavender. Lavender oil also has a fragrant scent and has a calming effect, both to dispel the mosquitoes. Look for the lavender essential oil on the body dibalurkan. Or, lavender-scented soap.

* Garlic. Mosquitoes can not stand the smell of garlic. If you are really bothered by mosquitoes, try to eat lots of garlic, the smell will come out through your skin. Of course if you do not have a problem with this body odor.


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Created on Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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