Matrix XD

Matrix XD: American Super Car

American Super CarOn the second day "Press Preview" Detroit Motor Show 2010, American automobile manufacturers from various circles trying to show the quality of their productsthat claimed supercar and unrivaled.

Lincoln from Ford's group launched Mkx 2011. This car is equipped with the technology connection "MyLincoln Touch", the touch control system makes horrendous and curious visitors electronic exhibition in Las Vegas last week.

According to Ford, the technology "MyTouch" is an evolution to present a comprehensive control system and comfortable in the car in the future.

Unit of General Motors (GM) Cadillac superluxury presents two cars, the CTS-V Coupe and Cadillac XTS newest Platinum Concept. "CTS-V Coupe is equipped with top technology. Everything is the result of a combination of visual and technical attributes created sophisticated luxury sports car, "said Bryan Nesbitt, General Manager of the Cadillac when the car was introduced to reporters.

Verde is a genuine American supercar, and will sell for U.S. $ 190,000 (USD 1.75 billion). This Ability was proud by car manufacturer, capable to rich 0 to 96 km / h in 3.5 seconds and drove at a speed of 320 km / hour. Other bids, bright digital instruments plus audio and navigation systems reliable.

So far, Tesla known as a producen of electricity supercar. This time through the CEO or his boss, Elon Musk, introduced Model S. This car is the pride of Tesla as the ability to present the design and construction company. Model S is a hybrid car unprecedented. The reason can be used to travel 480 km at the contents of the battery and can accelerate from 0-96 km / h in 5.6 seconds


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