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Matrix XD: 4 Innovations Product Of IBM in 2010

4 Inovations Product Of IBM in 2010Indonesian IBM predicts, in 2010 was the development trends of Information Technology (IT) in the world will advance significantly. Do not want to miss a shift of existing technology, IBM was trying to create a new innovation products follow the trend of information technology is developed.

Based on 2010 market trends, IBM Indonesia is also developing several products of breakthrough information technologies. There are 4 innovation, announced the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analytics and Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing, Smarter Planet, and Social Computing.

CRM Analytics and Predictive Analytics is a product that can be used in the field of analysis and optimization of business. Both allow businesses to optimize processes directly related to customers and improve the decision making process. In addition, they can increase the operational cost savings.

In addition to CRM and Predictive Analytics, there is also the Cloud Computing. This technology enables rapid business innovation to deliver computing services easy to use "on demand", at any location and any device used. Cloud computing can be public, private, or a combination of both. These service products are also very cost effective.

The Smarter Planet is a system of environmentally friendly technologies created as a solution to overcome the problem of energy, clean water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, Social Computing is a social networking system developed by IBM to help employees collaborate with the company's co-workers, clients or suppliers, at any time either when in office or when traveling.

With the innovative products, to the agenda of the next few years IBM Indonesia plans to hold national and local governments to make Jakarta a Smarter City in Indonesia. Smarter City is a city that lives and communities throughout the facility in which instruments are connected by a system of sophisticated information technology.


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