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Matrix XD: The Wrong Illustrate Of Snow Grain

The Wrong Illustrate Of Snow GrainIn fact, many images of snow grains in our popular culture precisely wrong. According to experts. Mustinya snowflakes led six, not four, five, or eight as usual was on the book with the children, Christmas cards, or even in one ad for the magazine of science.

Thomas Koop of the University of Bielefeld, Germany, had found errors in the illustration shown snowflakes ads Nature science magazine. The illustration shows eight-pointed snowflakes.

"The irony is that the ad text are viewed '... for the love of knowledge'," said Koop. Moreover, the criticism Koop was also published in Nature magazine issue of December 24.

Snow grains composed of water molecules with hydrogen bonds. The most efficient bond is in the form of a series of hexagonal crystals. So Koop explained. Thus, snowflakes natural law instead of the eight sides, but the six sides.

"The results of a series of hexagonal crystal is the lowest energy form of water in cold conditions," said Koop. "As the constituent components in the form of hexagonal close at the molecular scale, it also follows the snow crystals form hexagonal symmetry is the macroscopic scale."

However, size can vary, and in this popular assumption is correct, namely that no two snowflakes are exactly alike. At least not for large snowflakes.

"Birth of snowflakes depends on the humidity and temperature, and these two factors can vary widely in the atmosphere. So, as the snowflakes fall, the pattern of humidity and temperature through each item varies so that each unique shape."

But according to research, for the case of ice crystals are smaller, which has not fully developed when grounded, the theory is not accurate uniqueness.

Koop also shows another illustration of the common mistakes in the media is an illustration of rainwater. Raindrops Must be no pointy tail and rounded at the bottom, but should tend to be round and well below the average tend to be driven air drops as it falls


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