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Matrix XD: Twister tail In Bandung, Indonesia

Twister tail In Bandung, IndonesiaTwister tail, or whirlwind that was elongated in the South Bandung horrendous and could create panic residents in some areas of the region, Friday (18/12).

A tornado that occurred at about 17:25 pm causing the tail, which extends vertically from the sky into a white horizon.

Meanwhile the wind was in the area Ciparay Bandung regency. Seeing that the people directly out of the house and gathered in open ground.

"I fear that the penis god to our area, we were scared and opt out of the house in the open field," said Mrs. Dini Pakutandang Village residents Ciparay Sub District of Bandung.

Tail in white tornado lasted for about 30 minutes. Tornado vortex was clear spinning on a black cloud in the sky south Bandung.

Residents claimed to have seen the twister tail like that, but what happened on Friday evening, much larger and longer.

"Normally a tornado events in the region Bojongsoang, but we come too worried, though not unheard of in this area," said Abeng, other Ciparay citizens.

Tail stretching the penis god in the sky spectacle that became permanent residents who worry about a hurricane Indonesia's version of their residential area.

Some captured by using a camera and camera phone. Meanwhile interpretation echoes reverberate in several mosques using loudspeakers.

Brave new residents into their homes after the tail of the twister tail does not look god and whirlpool has disappeared from the sky at 17:48 pm.


Posted By Sutrisno
Created on Friday, December 18, 2009