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Matrix XD: "Quiet Sun" Cause Extreme Weather

Extreme weather in northern latitudes, among others, Europe and northern America happened these last few days relating to the condition of "quiet sun" is prolonged. In addition, due to global climate change.

This was explained Head Utilization Center for Atmospheric and Climate Science Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) Thomas Djamaluddin, Wednesday (23/12/2009) in Jakarta.

Thomas noted a lack of winter snow conditions associated with the active sun and the opposite extreme winter temperature in the Earth associated with the quiet Sun, which is slightly to the absence of sun spots.

According monitoring Yatini Clara Yono, Head of Solar and Space Lapan, sun spots decrease in incidence was demonstrated since 2000.

Black spots appear on the surface of the Sun through binoculars viewed from the side resembles milestones arising from the surface of the Sun. Milestone was formed from the magnetic activity of the twisted mass of churning in the stomach or the Sun to penetrate the surface.

The sun's dark spots around 32,000 miles in diameter or 2.5 times the average diameter of Earth. Due to the emergence of sun spots, the temperature of the gas in the photosphere and kromosfer can rise above about 800 degrees Celsius than normal. It resulted in this gas emits light greater than the surrounding gas.

Sun spots on top, ie in the region and the corona kromosfer can also occur storm sun and the explosion of light called a flare.

Earth Weather

Jump in high-temperature gas mass is not only the Earth's magnetic influence, but also the weather in the Earth's atmosphere, continued Thomas, an expert astronomer and astrophysicist. The sun conditions also have an effect on the intensity of rainfall in Indonesia.

Lapan data shows there is a trend of rainfall decreases as the Sun quietly. Globally, the effect of the Sun activities emit greenhouse gases, especially CO. As a result, extreme climate can be more common with the intensity that tends to strengthen.


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