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Matrix XD: Moon eclipse Welcomes Change of Year

Moon eclipse Welcomes Change of YearTurn of the year 2009 to 2010 seems to be characterized by the appearance of natural phenomena and the lunar eclipse some of the full moon. Eclipse is estimated to occur on January 1, 2010 and lasted approximately one hour from 01.53 o'clock until 02.52 pm.
Senior astronomer from the Department of Astronomy Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) said Moedji Raharto, a lunar eclipse the moon coupled phenomena will occur almost simultaneously. The phenomenon of the moon, he said, will appear at 02.14 AM, while the top part of a lunar eclipse occurred at 02.23 pm.

"This is not a phenomenon of the spectacular lunar eclipse because only a small part of the month closing. But every eclipse for us on planet Earth is always different, and now this phenomenon has become interesting because along with the full moon welcomed the new year," said Moedji told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (29/12/2009).

According to Moedji, some lunar eclipse Saros series 115, will only make the moon covered about 7.6 percent. If the weather clears, he said, eclipses and the moon can be seen by naked eyes after the night turn of the year from all regions in Indonesia.

"It was if the weather clears, the sky will actually be spread around millions of bright stars," Moedji image.

Moedji added, two astronomical phenomena that can occur simultaneously because it is at a cycle slices. Moon cycle when the new year usually occur once 19 years, while a lunar eclipse Saros series occurs most 18 years.

Even so, Moedji appealed for residents who are enjoying a holiday on the beach in order to increase their vigilance during the night turn of the year. The reason, he said, the phenomenon of an eclipse and full moon could cause big waves due to the attractiveness months.


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