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Matrix XD: Locked up inside the 8 Tons of Ice Blocks in 66 hours

Locked up inside the 8 Tons of Ice Blocks in 66 hoursRemember Me This ilusionis action in New Year celebrations throughout 2010. Imagine, for 66 hours, Hezi Dean (29), a Jewish country of origin ilusionis is confining himself to the ice blocks as much as eight tons.

Dean's actions made it broke the record set earlier by American magician, David Blaine. Hezi who had barricaded themselves with ice cubes in a transparent box that ended the action at midnight, Entered the New Year in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv where he has lived for almost three days just wearing jeans and a thin shirt.

At the turn of the year's peak, the assistant opened the box and cut the ice blocks and took Dean a look weak. They immediately took him to a waiting ambulance.

Around 200 spectators who celebrated the new year to give support. "Do not die Hezi Dean." Dean was trying to break the record of David Blaine, who spent 63 hours on the same ice cube in New York's Times Square in 2000.


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Created on Thursday, December 31, 2009


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