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Matrix XD: Indonesian Domain are more dangerous than Malaysian Domain

Indonesian Domain are more dangerous than Malaysian DomainWeb sites that hosted in Indonesia (. Id) is not the safest in Southeast Asia. Domain. Id was more dangerous than the domain of Malaysia (. My). Thus the results of recent research conducted McAfee titled Mapping the Mal Web. In the report, the public domain in Indonesia is ranked the 56th world. The level of risk of malware attacks on Web sites. Ps about 0.6 percent. Meanwhile, web sites in Malaysia is ranked 80 with a level of 0.3 percent risk of attack.

"Most of the web is relatively safe to visit, but some risk, whether that comes in the form of a relatively mild such as pop-ups, or something more dangerous, such as malware that gives the hacker access to" see "everything you type , "said McAfee.

From the 7th Southeast Asian countries studied, the Philippines is at the top. They even penetrated the Top 10 because it was ranked 6th. Risk level domain sites Philippines reached 13.1 percent. After the Philippines, following Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Here's a list of the most dangerous web domain in Southeast Asia:
1. Philippines (. Ph) - 13.1 percent.
2. Singapore (. Sg) - 4.6 percent.
3. Laos (. He) - 1.6 percent.
4. Thailand (. Th) - 1.1 percent.
5. Vietnam (. Vn) - 0.9 percent
6. Indonesia (. En) - 0.6 percent.
7. Malaysia (. My) - 0.3 percent.


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Created on Friday, December 4, 2009


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