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Matrix XD: Indonesia Is The Real Atlantis

Indonesia Is  The Real AtlantisATLANTIS is a legend, is the mystery of Atlantis, and Atlantis was always invite questions. Continent known as the Garden of Eden or Paradise is believed to be the center of world civilization in the ice age. Although humans have searched for the remnants of this city existence for hundreds of years and more than 5,000 published books on Atlantis, no one can say where exactly was Atlantis and Atlantis really did exist or is only a fairy tale told the Greek philosopher, Plato.

Hundreds of the exploring expedition Cyprus, Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, South America, the Caribbean Islands to Egypt to search for any traces of Atlantis have not obtained valid proof of where heaven was Atlantis.

After dozens of areas not previously also provide evidence of valid, Indonesia is now cited as the real Atlantis, a paradise lost in the day and night time. Among the many experts who believe Atlantis was in Indonesia is Professor Arysio Santos. Geologists and Brazilian nuclear physicist was doing research for 30 years to investigate the existence of Atlantis. Through his book, Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found, Santos gave a presentation and analysis. Santos's search based on location of Atlantis approaches geology, astronomy, paleontology, archeology, linguistics, ethnology, and comparative mythology.

According to Santos, was not found traces of Atlantis visit because the people looking in the wrong place. They should find these locations in Indonesia because of strong evidence to support it. Santos opinion this is still debated since until now there has been no special expedition to find the location of Atlantis in Indonesian archipelago. In the belief Santos, Atlantis was a continent that stretches from the southern part of southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sundaland.

Santos believes the continent disappeared from several volcanic eruptions that occurred simultaneously at the end of the ice age approximately 11,600 years ago. Among the big mountain that erupted that day is Mount Krakatao Ancient (parent of Mount Krakatoa erupted in 1883) who it's glow can allegedly embezzled worldwide. Volcanic eruptions that occurred at the same time raises the earthquake, melting ice, floods, and the huge tsunami waves. When the volcano erupted, the explosion opened the Sunda Strait. The incident also resulted in the sinking of some of the earth's surface is then called Atlantis.

The Very Big disaster also resulted in the extinction of nearly 70 percent of mammal species that lived at the time, including humans. The survivors then dispersed to various parts of the world by bringing their civilization in the new territory. "Most likely two or three human species as 'hobbits' that recently discovered on the island of Flores destroyed in almost the same time," wrote Santos. Before the flood disaster, some parts of Indonesia such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Nusa Tenggara and is still believed to be one with Peninsular Malaysia and the continent of Asia.

Based on the story of Plato, Atlantis was a prosperous country that the sun bathed all the time. Is at the basis of one theory about the existence of Atlantis Santos in Indonesia. It should be noted that Atlantis prospered during most of the world is still shrouded in ice in which the temperature of the earth at that time predicted colder than 15 degrees Celsius now. Areas of sun bathed all the time must be at the equator and Indonesia have the prerequisites for it. In the story told by Plato, Atlantis was also described as the center of world civilization from the culture, natural resources, science / technology, languages, and others.

Plato's Atlantis was also told that a rich country with minerals and has a farm system that is very advanced. Referring to the story of Plato, Atlantis area must be in an area believed to be the tropical climate allows for many minerals and agricultural materials are developed for farming systems are developed will only grow in areas that supported the right climate such as tropical climate. Wealth Indonesia, including the spices into another possibility of the existence of Atlantis in this archipelago region. Indonesia's fame as a paradise herbs and minerals and even then sought by the West.

According to Santos, the islands of Indonesia are in the thousands that are peaks and high plains of the old continent of Atlantis sank. One thing that Santos was emphasized many researchers have been fooled by the name of Atlantis. They see the name of Atlantis proximity to the Atlantic Ocean that lies between Europe, America and Africa. Whereas in ancient times to the era before Christopher Columbus or the discovery of the Americas, the Atlantic Ocean is the canal is the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Once again, Indonesia has a requirement for that because Indonesia lies between the two oceans. If there are so many possibilities Indonesia became the real location of Atlantis and then, why all this Indonesian name is rarely mentioned in reference to Atlantis? Santos assess the reluctance of the Western world on an expedition or recognize Indonesia as the region of Atlantis is that it will change the historical record of who the inventor perdaban. Given some evidence about the existence of Atlantis in Indonesia, the theory that the West as the inventor and the center of world civilization will be destroyed.

"The fact Atlantis (in Indonesia) are likely to result in the need for major revision in the humanities, such as anthropology, history, linguistics, arkelogi, evolution, and perhaps even paleantropologi religion," Santos writes in his book. Santos addition, many American archaeologists who also believe Atlantis was a large island called Sunda Land covering an area twice the Indian country. Mainland is now living Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan. One of the islands in Indonesia which could probably be the best example of the existence of the remnants of Atlantis was the Natuna Island, Riau.

Based on the research, gene Natuna owned native Austronesian peoples similar to the oldest. Austronesian peoples clumps which became the embryo of Asian nations is a major phenomenon in the history of human existence. These families are now spread from Madagascar in the west to Easter Island in the East. These clumps also gave birth to the 1200 language that is now scattered in different parts of the earth and used more than 300 million people. Interestingly, 80 percent of the family of the Austronesian language speakers living in Indonesian archipelago. However, the opinion of Santos et al, who believed that Atlantis was in Indonesia has yet to be assessed for lack of evidence provided.

Experts Geoteknologi Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Hantoro Rev. Prof. Santos said the analysis is still a hypothesis. Revelation also considered Pelu explained further categorization of high culture that was at the time of Atlantis and waves as high as what could make split Sundaland


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