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Matrix XD: Document of krakatau eruption in 1883

Director General of Marketing Department of Culture and Tourism of RI, Sapta Nirwandar, welcomed the publication of the classic documents of the enormity of the aeruption of Krakato in 1883. Therefore, the documents have been 126 years buried in a sea of ancient manuscripts and found separately in six countries, now can read the Indonesian nation.

"Classic document Lampung Karam called this poem is written by Mohammed Saleh, who admitted his own experience and witness the eruption of Krakatoa is very powerful in the year 1883. So fierce, the sound can be heard as far letusannya Manila, Cololbo, Papua New Guinea and outback Australia," said Sapta Nirwandar in Jakarta, Wednesday (30/12/2009).

Lampung Karam poem about the enormity of the eruption of Krakatoa research Suryadi - researcher and lecturer at Leiden University, according to Sapta, can be revitalized his verse text for various purposes, such as in academic, cultural, and tourism. One of them is the possibility to renewal poem text in order agenda of the annual Krakatoa Festival.

Poem originally written in Arabic script-Melayu (Jawi) can also be revised and introduced to enrich the historical dimensions and excavation of cultural treasures and the literary Lampung region in particular and Indonesia in general.

"With the publication of rare documents record the results of the only natives of the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, the Indonesian people have the opportunity to find a document written by our predecessors," Sapta said.

Classic manuscript is of
Indonesian cultural treasures wealth is interesting because it examined contain many important information regarding language, culture, and history of Indonesia.


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