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Matrix XD: CIA Has Canceled The Contract With Blackwater

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has canceled a contract with a security company once known as the Blackwater Worldwide and allow the company to load a bomb onto the plane without the crew of the U.S. in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The New York Times, Friday night, with some officials citing intelligence information, reports, contracts that give employees Blakwater operational role in one of the most important secret program the CIA. The program has killed dozens of guerrillas using unmanned Predator aircraft and the Reaper.

Contract with the company, which is now called Xe Services, canceled this year by CIA Director Leon Panetta, the report said.

CIA spokesman George Little said, Panetta has ordered the agency's employees took over the duties of the employee base Xe in remote unmanned aircraft in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the newspaper said. Panetta also has ordered a study of all contracts with these companies, the report said. "At present, Blackwater does not engage in any other CIA operations in the security or supporting role," Little said as quoted by The New York Times.

Disclosure of the termination of the contract was delivered a day after The New York Times reported that Blackwater employees had joicned the CIA agents in secret operations against groups suspected of Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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