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Matrix XD: Beware! There was Asteroids Toward Earth

Beware! There was Asteroids Toward EarthEarth may be threatened by large asteroids and space ships may be needed to deflect the orbit, that statement the Russian Space Agency chief Anatoly Perminov, on Wednesday (30/12/2009). Anatoly Perminov said that the Russian Space Agency will soon hold a meeting to consider a mission to Apophis, the asteroid threatening Earth, for the delay of Resurrection.

Perminov said on the radio that if the project is approved, he would invite NASA, the European Union Space Agency, China Space Agency, and other parties to join.

This news shocked the United States Space Agency who argued that the threat of falling chunks of rock measuring about 270 meters into the Earth in 2029 likely only 1 per 37, so probably will not happen.

More NASA argues that the asteroid will pass Earth, and there would be a safe distance of about 28,968 km.

However, there is very little possibility that Apophis could hit Earth in 2035, although this possibility once again that was 1 per 45,000 have been counted again and shrink a 1 per 250,000.

However, Perminov insisted that the asteroid is a threat. He did not give clear details about the evidence the possibility of collision, but he said that he had been told the scientists that the asteroid is getting closer.

"I do not remember for sure, but it seems (asteroid) could hit Earth in 2032," he said. "Salvation lot of people at stake. We have to allocate several hundred million dollars and build a system to prevent collisions rather than remain silent disaster waiting to happen and the death of hundreds of thousands of people."

Scientists have long been various theories put forward a strategy to deflect the asteroid.

There is proposing to send some sort of satellite to orbit in the asteroid so the asteroid orbit will slowly changing. There also are proposing to send a spacecraft to the asteroid that hit the momentum change or use nuclear weapons to shoot him.

Perminov did not announce any details about the project because he thinks there are still many things to think about first. However, he said that the mission would not use nuclear weapons.

Hollywood films Deep Impact and Armageddon have described the space mission to prevent disaster hit Earth space objects. In both the film crews use nuclear weapons to prevent a collision.

"According to the calculations in time to make a special spacecraft that can prevent asteroid collisions without destroying it and without nuclear weapons to blow up anything," Perminov said, "The threat of collision can be avoided."

Boris Shustov, Head of the Institute of Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences, welcomed the statement as a sign that Perminov officials finally realized the threat of asteroids in general.

"Apophis is just an example, there are still many things other space we do not know," he said on the RIA Novosti news agency.


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