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Matrix XD: Naked Friday - For Increase Up Marketing

Naked Friday - For Increase Up MarketingThe global economic crisis led some companies to give up, but the other part of the brain play a more faster path to permanent business. But do Onebestway, a company very far from flying out of management theory and tend to be wild.

Design and marketing company based in Newcastle England was launched Naked Friday. This company bosses thought it would boost business.

When the company started declining earnings over the spread of the crisis last year, Onebestway invite a business psychologist, David Taylor, to boost team spirit. After diagnosing the condition of the employee, David also suggest these crazy steps since April 2009. Each Friday, all employees are asked to take off all her clothes, without exception.

Impact, Onebestway gain a big advantage. "It's brilliant. Now we have seen each other naked together, there are no barriers. If you want to come dressed or dressed in a minimal, fine. But I love my body and I am not ashamed, "said Sam Jackson, 23, one manager was quoted as saying The Sun, Thursday (2 / 7).

One week before arriving on Friday, all employees are encouraged to photocopy parts of their bodies. Purpose is to make them more confident of their bodies. To further familiarize employees with nudity, a naked capital was invited to the office to be invited to talk and draw.

"It takes a week for David in my office to build the courage employees. Initially it makes nervous, but once reached the table and used, I feel good total, "said Sam added.

"It was a bit emotional, but then we found ourselves better able to speak honestly ever since. The Company also significantly increased their performance, "added Sam.
Right on Friday naked, almost all the employees do not leave the fabric clung to her body, except seoran man wearing a bag to hide his penis and two women who still wear underwear.
Apparently his idea, when all parts of our bodies seen by colleagues work together, meaning there is no longer hidden. Good body, a full belly or thigh fat grated no longer a secret. Finally, all employees can talk more openly to each other. The impact of crop, teamwork becomes increasingly good. "There are brave, some were angry. But I am I said, they may not follow this advice, if you felt this is not true, "said Mike Owen, director.
David Taylor said the initiators nothing forced in the experiment. But he explained honesty and openness needed to make the company forward.
"Inviting a company to its employees membugilkan most extreme there are techniques that I have ever used. It's strange, but it worked right. These basic expressions needed to create confidence and trust others, "said David

The experiment was finally Onebestway attention Virgin1, a television station, which is then recorded to appear on July 9 in Naked Office programs.

Meanwhile, Air New Zealand, the airline's New Zealand red plates, using nudity in other forms. A number of the flight crew uses the innocence of their bodies to lure the attention of passengers in order to give full attention to the instructions in-flight safety instructions.

Actually, the video is only for the in-flight, but eventually leaked to the internet as well. Even in the YouTube site directly accessible to viewers in a day 1.2. In the three-minute show, all models are played by the original employees that Air New Zealand is not entirely naked. Their bodies painted uniforms. But people still know that they were naked.

"We want to find a way to convey how important attention to the safety instructions before flying on domestic passengers. Way to original, interesting and menyenangka, "said Marketing Manager of Air New Zealand, Steve Bayliss.
The question is, whether then passengers actually watched the show safety procedures, or even focus his eyes on the flight attendant's body parts


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