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Matrix XD: PPC, TLA, or PTR that will you choose?

PPC, TLA, or PTR business
It seems a long time business blog is not to discuss issues related to online business because it was busy with the optimization seo contest until the target keyword / keyword "make money online" on his blog adsense not previously been neglected are at two to now willing to view the first bounce and slide 5. Hihi ..

Oya .. in this business article I want to ask you the same business of online Text Link Ads (TLA), Paid Per Click (PPC) and Paid To Review (PTR) which is a favorite or least favorite, and of course according to your interests?

Third Glance business program:

PPC is paid advertising and also one of the many existing online business on the internet, and I think this internet business is very easy to administer, the most important thing we just have a blog and place your ad, so if there are visitors who click the blog owner will get money / dollars, and its large per click depending on the broker's services. The most famous example is Adsense, adbrite and for Indonesia as PPC, adsensecamp, etc..

Text link Ads can also be used as a source of permanent mainstay online business is promising for those of you who have a blog especially if your blog has a high google pagerank, then it is likely to leave advertiser links on your blog will be a lot of traffic is also taken into account as well. But unfortunately, the program violates the rules of google so you should be prepared if you get caught then the blog will get the punishment of reduction in rank pagerank. So should Be smart in playing. :)

Paid To Review is an online business program promising enough to make money from blogs, and I think this program menjadikanya much as their favorite. But it seems this program suitable for full-time bloggers because the time required to run this business is not a bit, because for one-time reviews take at least 30 minutes at least. But for those who have been seriously involved in this program has been successful and had many jobs per day from his blog, this online business usually hire content writer (author of the article) in doing their duties.

Now the three online businesses over the PPC, where TLA and PTR is your favorite?


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Created on Thursday, October 15, 2009


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